(一) How to deal with gastrointestinal polyps and other tumours and the corresponding diet therapy

  (一) How to deal with gastrointestinal polyps and other tumors and the corresponding diet therapy

At the beginning of the year, I learned that my youngest uncle had died of stomach cancer. In addition to sadness, I felt more pain from my heart. It was already in the later stage when his stomach cancer was discovered. So he passed away after more than half a year . People can't  revive when they have gone. Only by drawing lessons from it, does one make  progress and be worthy and respectful to the dead. I talked to my father about the cause of his stomach cancer, which may be related to long-term smoking and drinking. And also I remembered that about 35 years ago, my uncle had a hoarse voice because of multiple polyps in his throat and vocal cords. He had surgery at the hospital where I worked. He felt fine after surgery. His bigger polyps had been removed, and there were still many small polyps that cannot be removed at all. At that time, he was advised to quit smoking and drinking, and no one thought of a better way to reduce the occurrence of this polyp. That is to say, the surgery removes the polyps, but does not remove the source of the polyps. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, this polyp is related to phlegm coagulation and blood stasis. After most of the polyps were removed, if he paid attention to it, quit smoking and drinking alcohol, kept a good mood, balanced food and exercise, got rid of phlegm and blood stasis by Chinese herb medicine, to make body more healthy. Is it possible to not get stomach cancer when he gets older?

I also think of polyps in the digestive tract, such as common colon polyps. Besides to regular colonoscopy by the doctor of Western medicine, early checked and early removal, for patients with a history of colon polyps, in addition to control emotion, regulate diet and strengthening exercise, it can take traditional herb medicines to resolve phlegm and turbidity and remove blood stasis according to their physical condition, so as to change the condition of their body  it make polyps graduate away or stop to going to developing towards cancer?

For general thought, fibroids, lipomas, and cysts are benign, it is fine when the kind lumps have been removed. Now I changed my opinion and thought it's a sign of some kind of change in body condition. It should be paid attention to. If you pay attention to adjust your emotion at this time, eat a balanced diet, strengthen exercise and rest, and use some traditional Chinese medicines as a supplement according to your physical condition. Is it possible to interrupt the future development of this process?

How can traditional Chinese medicine or diet therapy help to get rid of digestive tract polyp?  How do traditional Chinese medicine help to recover after the treatments of gastrointestinal tumours? I was pleasantly surprised by searching online.

He Ren (1921-2012) ( the one of national greatest master of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) in China at first batch, President of Zhejiang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine), the first session of the famous traditional Chinese medicine lecture, He Ren: <Clinical research of gastrointestinal tumours and others tumours >(1) His experience share: Yiyiren (Coix Seed,Semen Coicis), 30-60g , make congee, as food for a daily breakfast, take all the coix seed and soup, once every the morning, insist on long-term use, the effect is very good. It is ineffective to use the soup and discard the Yiyiren. Chinese medicine believes that Yiyiren is both for food and medicine, and has the effect of eliminating polyps. Patients with gastrointestinal tumours after surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, can be used as the food therapy and drug adjuvant therapy. Modern clinical pharmacological studies have also proved that Yiyiren has an anti-tumor effect.

The website address is attached for those who are interested and can watch it.

<clinical study of gastrointestinal tumours and others tumours(一)>


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年初得知小舅舅胃癌去世。我除了悲伤之外,更多的是心痛。他的胃癌发现时候已经是晚期了,所以过了大半年后,人就走掉了。人去不能复生,但要从中总结出教训,才能有进步,才能对得起逝去的亲人。我和父亲谈论他发生胃癌的诱因,可能与长期抽烟饮酒有关之外,另外,我记得在大约35年前,我小舅舅因为咽喉部和声带有多个息肉声音嘶哑。在我工作过的医院做手术后大大改善。大的息肉都摘掉了,还有很多小的息肉没有办法全部都去掉。当时建议他戒烟酒,也没有想过有更好的办法能够减少这个息肉的发生。 也就是说手术祛除了息肉,但是没有祛除长息肉的源头。按中医理论来讲,这个息肉就是和痰凝血瘀有关。如果当时在息肉切除以后,充分重视这个问题,除了戒烟酒外,调情志饮食运动外,如用一些中药祛痰浊化血瘀的治疗改善身体状况,而中断它的转变进程,会不会在年纪大了以后,就不会发生胃癌了呢?






何任 脾胃与肿瘤病的临床研究(一)


2 https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTQ3MzQ1NzMy.html?spm=a2h1n.8251843.playList.5!29~1!2~3~A&f=22979418&o=1